Pick Chives Early in the Morning

Lovely Pink Chive Vinegar.

With a nice mild onion taste, you need to add very little oil, if any at all, to make a salad dressing.

Keep an eye on your chive plants. Try to harvest the flowers the first morning they open up. The flavour is better if you do this before the heat of day.

Sterilize a jar that holds a litre and a half or more of liquid.  Try to use a plastic lid.  If you have to use a metal lid, put a double layer of  plastic wrap between the lid and the jar. Otherwise the lid will corrode.

Collect about three cups of flowers.  I usually throw in a couple of green stalks as well to intensify the flavour.

Soak the flowers briefly (ten minutes) in a bowl of water with a tablespoon of vinegar in it. This teases out any little bugs or dirt that may have collected in the blossoms.

Rinse flowers and spread them out on a clean dishcloth.

Bring a generous litre of white vinegar just to boiling.

Place flowers in the jar. Slowly pour hot vinegar over the flowers.. The liquid will turn pink quickly.. but it gets darker.

Place the cooled jar on your windowsill for a week or so.

Strain the liquid (I use cheesecloth in a colander) into another clean jar and store in cool, dark place.  Very pretty if you decant into smaller jars.


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