Three hundred acres of abandoned farm and woodlot in North Hastings, Ontario.  Two stubborn retirees – one Ukrainian, one Dutch/Irish.   Both with the love of food and family – and both who have waited to spend more of their days outdoors.  This is the story of a farm on a beautiful winding road at the edge of the forest.


2 Responses to About

  1. Pam Brodofske says:

    I came across your blog today through the coehillworld.com website. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of it! I was disappointed there wasn’t more to read! Your writing is very reminiscent of Dan Needles who writes for Harrowsmith magazine. Just last year my husband and I moved up here as well. We’re on the other side of Coe Hill down near Ormsby with 16 acres and a very small cabin that we are very proud of.

    Perhaps one day we’ll meet! Until then, I look forward to reading your blog updates. Don’t stop writing them!

    Cheers for Now
    Pam Brodofske

  2. Pam Brodofske says:

    Oh and by the way….I too have a blog! http://cabinlivingnorthofseven.blogspot.com/

    Cheers’s again!
    Pam Brodofske

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