The Moose Hunt

We share our property with at least three moose. Two yearlings. A boy and a girl. And their mom.

I know they are around because they lope down the field from time to time… and one night after a yoga class a moose ran ahead of the car for at least a couple hundred feet. Moose can run!  (And for those who do yoga, was this a na moose te moment?)

But mostly we see them in photographs.

You see, five of our friends hunt on our land during moose and deer season. Months before the season started, these guys started coming up looking for tracks and scat. Then they put out salt licks and some over-ripe fruit.  And finally, they installed a couple of motion detector cameras.  One day, I walked up there and found them downloading pictures onto their laptops. Clearly hunting isn’t what it used to be!

But that is not a criticism.  Because that’s how I first saw Harry.

It is only a night shot. And his substantial backside fills most of the frame.But the thing about Harry is that he has an antler that points up.. and.. an antler that points down. Its the moose equivalent of a kid with a cowlick and a space where his tooth has fallen out.

My first glimpse of Harry

One look and I was smitten.  I spent moose season cringing every time there was a gunshot.

The hunters didn’t know that I was rooting for Harry… for all  his family really.   They had their licences fair and square and they are nice guys.

So every day when they drove down the road, I would quietly listen when they told me of their bad luck that day. Inside, though, I was counting down the days left. And marveling at how smart that moose family – especially the mom – must be.

Long story short.. Harry outsmarted the hunters this year.  His whole family did.

And I harbour a (not so ) secret hope that Harry  and his antlers will become a legend here on the South Road.

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3 Responses to The Moose Hunt

  1. kate says:

    keep your eye out for beautiful leaves, buds, textures etc., on your land and then mail them to me right away so I can make jewelry out of them like this


  2. nikki says:

    loving harry….

  3. Charly says:

    I officially join the Harry and Family fan club, he’s beautiful!!

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